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07.05.2018 15:11
What actor would play... antworten


Feel free to use this topic as a jumping off point to start conversations about what actor/actress you would like to see play any character (or historical figure) in a movie.

I will start by continuing a conversation we were having in another topic.

What actor would play...

So far we've discussed (over in Nerdy News) Bryan Cranston and a bunch of Brits... including a Doctor and a hallucinating traitor turned VP.

How about Mark Wahlberg?

"Hey there. Ben... I'm gonna need ya to help me move this quantum inertial configurator into the other room, okay? Built it to help save the world, okay? You know, how we're always saving the world from Aliens and other stuff? Yeeeeeaaahh. You know. All right. Say hello to Aunt Petunia for me alright?"

Any Suggestion Would be appreciate.

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