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12.05.2018 11:52
Boxee Box Movie & TV show identification is DEAD as of Jan. antworten


It appears that DLink has turned off the servers that served Boxee Boxes search for identifying Movies, TV shows or Music when stored on your attached NAS or some such method you use to serve those modalities for Boxee Box to play from.
We knew this was coming at some point after DLink killed the product 3 or 4 years ago. It is a shame in that Boxee Box is still the King of this fully purposeful media center short of using a big clunky X-Box. CrAppleTV, Roku, ChromeCast, Amazon Fire TV etc can't hold a match to the total versatility that Boxee Box had.
I remember some big talker on one of these forums claiming that he was copying the Boxee Box servers for the day that DLink shut theirs down, but apparently the big talk is cheap and I've seen nothing mentioned about this is a good 18 months.

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