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19.06.2018 17:02
What old 80s movie am I trying to remember? antworten


Need some help, Ars. Over the years I've tried to figure out the name of this fantasy movie I saw as a kid, but no luck. I even made a similar post to this on a movie guru board, but nobody got it. Here are the bits I remember: In the beginning of the movie a kid (British?) is on his way home from school. It may have been raining. When he gets home his mom yells at him to take off his boots because they are muddy. Later on that night he sneaks out and a giant head in the sky talks to him. I believe he is then whisked off to some other world. That's all I can remember. The #1 guess most people I've asked seems to be Time Bandits, but I watched it again not too long ago and that wasn't it. Anyone got any ideas?

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