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19.06.2018 17:02
Ahhh, the movies that we watched in the 80s (rant?) antworten


Lately I've been thinking about the movies I watched in my teens and contrasting them with the movies today's teenagers are viewing. You know what I noticed? There's a disturbing lack of gratuitous nudity today. Think about it for a minute. When is the last time you went to the movies and saw a party scene that needlessly included a dozen topless chicks? How long has it been since you've seen a non-romantic sex scene? In the 80's (and very early 90's, I suppose), all you had to do was turn on HBO or Showtime after 10 o'clock and you could get your fill of piss poor topless acting. Hell, every Friday night, you could tune in to the USA network and watch Rhonda Shearflaunting her giant rack as she commented on whatever crappy t&a flick they'd edited all the actual nudity and foul language out of. Saturday they showed another movie, but someone thought that Gilbert Gottfried would make a good replacement for the Rhonda Shear eye candy... What happened? Where did it all go? I'm sure I can still turn on Cinemax and find some horrible movie that's decribed as "a sexy romp" through something, but what of the rest of cable television? You know what's on USA at midnight on Friday now? Law and Order. A fine show, but it certainly serves a completely different, and far less visceral, purpose. What about movies? Are films like Porky's and Revenge of the Nerds strictly a thing of the past? Are we doomed to never see another "accidental" dress removal? Are we done with movies where the plot is crafted to maximize the number of girl's locker room scenes? Is this type of entertainment really gone, or do I just have to look harder?

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