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26.07.2018 08:29
EssentialPIM with firewall antworten


I am a new user of EssentialPIM. I use an utility - "Windows Firewall Control" to restrict programs to access internet. I allowed "EssentialPIM.exe" to access internet. But it fails to check email. If I turn off "Windows Firewall Control" than EssentialPIM can check email without any problem. I think it calls some windows program for internet connection. If someone can tell me the name of that program, I could allow that through firewall for EssentialPIM to work properly.
Beside this EssentialPIM is a very nice program. I am amazed to see such a little program can do so many things. I still don't know all of it's feature. Will test in future. If there were a plugin for browser for password, it would be very good. Anyway, it's ok. I am using the free version. It has more than what I need. But I really like this nice little old fashioned program - clean interface (no ribbon interface, no bloatware, no strange black screen application form with strange button without any menu - the present software culture). Hope someday I shall try the professional version of it, there is a trial download.

Any help will be apprecited.

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